«Разговорный английский»








открытого мероприятия по иностранному языку

на тему:

«Разговорный английский»

Составитель: преподаватели ФСПО ТИ ОрелГТУ

Г.В. Никищенкова

Т.А. Рубцова


на заседании кафедры "Гуманитарные дисциплины "

(протокол № _____ от _____________2011 года)

Зав. кафедрой _______________ Т. А. Рубцова

Орел 2011 год

Методическая разработка по теме «Разговорный английский» предназначена для студентов 3-х курсов, преподавателей, желающих овладеть навыками общения на английском языке. Материал построен на принципе сочетания сознательности обучения с речевой направленностью.

Задача предлагаемого пособия заключается в следующем:

1. Помочь овладеть навыками речи на английском языке в пределах данной тематики, а также предлагаемого лексического и грамматического минимума;

2. Ознакомить обучающихся с основными речевыми моделями, характерными для повседневного и делового общения;

3. Научить пониманию английской речи.


1. Практические:

- формирование лексических навыков по теме;

- совершенствование навыков чтения;

- совершенствование навыков говорения в монологической, диалогической формах;

2. Развивающие:

- развитие речемыслительных способностей;

- развитие памяти, внимания, воображения;

3. Воспитательные:

- формирование самостоятельности, способности вести беседу на английском языке.

Данное учебное пособие дает возможность работать как самостоятельно, так и с помощью преподавателя. Методические указания содержат диалоги (текст), словарь, упражнения для контроля и совершенствования знаний студентов.

Everyday Talk

Characters: Mr. Priestley, Jan, Frieda, Olaf, Hob.

Jan: You know, sir, I find that most of the things that you want to know when you are first learning English are never in the books that teach you English.

^ Mr. Priestley: Indeed. I’m sorry to hear that.

Jan: And the funny thing is that they are all the easy things – to English people; but they’re very difficult to us.

Mr. Priestley: I think I know what you mean, but could you give us an example?

^ Jan: I mean “everyday talk”; for instance, what ought I say when I am introduced to someone?

Mr. Priestley: Oh, just, “How do you do?”

Jan: And what does he answer?

Mr. Priestley: “How do you do?”

Jan: But that seems nonsense. I ask someone a question about his health and he doesn’t give me an answer; instead he asks me a question which I don’t answer.

^ Mr. Priestley: Yes, I suppose it is rather strange, but we don’t think of “How do you do?” as a question – it’s just a greeting. If you really want to know about your friend’s health you say “How are you?”

Jan: Oh, yes, I’ve heard that; and what does he answer?

Mr. Priestley: “Very well, thank you. How are you?”

Jan: And what do you say if you are not very well?

Mr. Priestley: Just, “Not very well” or “Not too well.”

Jan: That’s good; it’s just what I wanted. By the way, do you say “Good day” when you meet someone? I’ve noticed French and German people here say it.

^ Mr. Priestley: No. The things an English person generally says are “Good afternoon” or “Good evening.” If he is remarking on the weather, he will probably say, “A nice day, isn’t it?” or, “A fine day, isn’t it? or, “It’s cold today, isn’t it? or, “Terrible weather we are having, isn’t it?”; but that is not his greeting.

^ Jan: Don’t you say “Good night” in the evening?

Mr. Priestley: Funnily enough we don’t when we are greeting a person, but only when he is leaving us or when we are leaving a shop or an office.

Frieda: There’s a small thing I want to ask about. There’s a little girl at the house where I am staying, and it is her birthday tomorrow. What shall I say to her?

^ Mr. Priestley: We say “Many happy returns of the day.”

Frieda: Thank you; I’ll remember that. And how do people greet their friends at Christmas?

Mr. Priestley: The usual greeting is “A Merry Christmas,” and at the New Year we say, A Happy New Year.”

^ Frieda: And when someone says that to me, what do I answer?

Mr. Priestley: “Thank you; the same to you.”

Olaf: A day or two ago I was talking with some people and I didn’t quite hear what one of them said to me, so I said “If you please? That wasn’t right, was it?

^ Mr. Priestley: No; we say, “I beg your pardon, or, to a relation or close friend, “What?” or, “What’s that?” or, “What did you say?”

Olaf: Couldn’t I say, “Pardon me”?

Mr. Priestley: No, never. If you are apologizing for some little piece of impoliteness you say, “I beg your pardon,” or, “Sorry” (which used to be thought slang). If you come late to the theatre and have to push past people who are already in their places, you say, “Excuse me.”

Hob: I was out to tea a day or two ago and the hostess asked me if I wanted another piece of cake and of course I did, so I said “Thank you,” but she didn’t seem to know whether I wanted it or not. I don’t want to run any risk of missing cake again, so what must I say?

^ Mr. Priestley: “Thank you” in English may mean “Yes”, but you had better say, “Yes, please,” then there can be no doubt. If by any chance you want to refuse, then you say “No, thank you”.

Olaf: I never quite know what to say when someone thanks me. For instance, yesterday I saw an old lady wanting to cross the road but afraid to start because of the traffic. So I took her arm and helped her across the road. Then she said, “Thank you very much. It was most kind of you to help me. Thank you.” You know, I had no idea what to say.

^ Frieda: We say “bitte” or “bitte sehr”. A Frenchman says “de rien”. But what does an Englishman say?

Mr. Priestley: That’s difficult to answer. An Englishman in such a case looks rather confused and murmurs something like, “Not at all”,” “That’s all right” or “It’s a pleasure.” And then quickly passes on something else.

^ Jan: Well, Mr. Priestley, this has been a very good lesson. You have helped me a very great deal. Thank you very much.

Mr. Priestley (rather confused): Or – er – that’s all right – it’s pleasure… (passing on quickly to something else).

1) Приветствия (Greetings)

“Good morning!” (до 12:00)

“Good afternoon!” (с12:00 до 17:00)

“Good evening!” (до 20:00)

“How do you do?”

“Pleased (glad) to meet you. - Pleased (glad) to meet you too”

“It’s nice to meet you”



- How are you?”/ “How are you getting on?

- (I’m) all right. Thank you. / (I’m) fine. Thanks. / So-so.

^ 2) Прощание (Saying Goodbye)


So-long (Всего)

See you later (До скорого)

See you tomorrow.

3) Благодарности и ответы на них (Thanks and Possible Answers)

Thank you very much

Thank you


Not at all

My pleasure


You are welcome (амер.)

Don’t mention it (Не стоит)

It’s nothing (Пустяки)

A. ^ Please give me a letter. Дайте мне, пожалуйста, письмо.

B. Here you are. Пожалуйста (вот возьмите).

A. Thanks. Спасибо.

B. Not at all. Пожалуйста (не стоит).

4) Формы обращения (Forms of Address)

Mister (Mr.) Johnson

Mistress (Mrs.) Green - замужней женщине

Miss Lee - незамужней девушке

Ms Lee [miz] - женщине независимо от ее статуса

Doctor (Dr) Johnson - человеку, имеющему ученую степень: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

sir, madam (ma’am) – незнакомому человеку

Ladies and Gentlemen – аудитории на собрании, конференции и т. п.

имя – name, first name, given name

фамилия – surname, family name, last name

отчество – middle name, patronymic

1) Answer the following questions:

1. What do you say when you are introduced to someone?

What does he answer?

2. What do you say if you are inquiring about his health?

3. What replies might you get to these inquiries?

4. What greeting would you give on meeting someone at

10 a.m. / 10.15 a.m. /3 p.m. /6.30 p.m.?

5. If you are remarking on the weather, what would you say?

6. When do you say “Good night”?

7. What do you say to a friend on his or her birthday/ at Christmas?

8. What reply o you get to that greeting?

9. What do you say if you haven’t heard a remark and want the speaker to repeat it?

10. If you accidentally push a person, what do you say?

11. If the hostess asks you whether you want another cup of coffee, what do you say? (If you want it, if you don’t want it)

12. If someone thanks you, what do you say?

2) What reply do you give to the following?

1. “Oh! Mr. Green, this is Miss Brown.”

2. “How are you getting on?”

3. “A Merry Christmas!”

4. “I’m twelve years old today.”

5. “May I give you another cup of tea?”

6. “Do you prefer your coffee black or white?”

7. Did you have a good journey?”

8. “I expect you are hungry after your long walk.”

9. “Thank you very much for all your kindness.”

10. “How do you do?”

11. “Glad to meet you.”

12. “Goodbye!”

13. “Hi!”


What are you going to do?

to be going to do something

to be (am, is, are) + going to

to write an article about scientists for the newspaper

to visit all the museums and meet a lot of new friends

to make new friends and to write a book about scientists

to take part in round – table talks

to give a lecture

to study the problem of a computer virus

to draw up the contract

to make a film about scientists

to collect some information

^ 1) Познакомьтесь с визитной карточкой и ответьте на следующие вопросы:

Computer systems

John Green

^ Financial Director

9 North Road, Brighton, England

Phone: (0273) 543359 Fax: (0273)559364

Whose card is this?

Who is he?

What company is he from?

What city is he from?

What is his telephone number?

What is the address of his company?

Составьте свою визитную карточку на английском языке для себя. Обратите внимание, что в англоязычных странах адрес пишется в обратной по сравнению с нашей последовательности.

^ 2) Представьтесь сами и представьте своих друзей с использованием следующих выражений:

Let me introduce myself. I’m ….

Let me introduce my staff to you. This is… He (she) is …

I’d like you to meet …. He (she) is …

May I introduce … to you. He (she) is…

^ 3) Ситуации:

1) Представьте, что вы встречаете представителя английской компании.

В аэропорту Вы увидели женщину (мужчину), внешний вид которого соответствует описанию именно того человека.

- обратитесь к нему на английском языке и узнайте, тот ли это человек;

- представьте себя;

- извинитесь за опоздание;

- спросите, как он долетел;

3) Представьте, что вы встречаете своего английского друга в аэропорту.

- извинитесь за опоздание;

- спросите, как он долетел;

- спросите, чем он сейчас занимается;

- спросите о цели его визита;

2) Представьте, что вы встречаете представителя английской компании.

В аэропорту Вы увидели женщину (мужчину), внешний вид которого соответствует описанию именно того человека.

- обратитесь к нему на английском языке и узнайте, тот ли это человек;

- представьте себя;

- представьте себе, что этот человек оказался не тем человеком, который Вам нужен;

- попросите прощение за беспокойство;

4) Представьте, что к Вам в компанию приехал представитель иностранной фирмы.


N: Aren’t you hungry?

Everybody: Oh, yes we are.

B: And I’m awfully thirsty.

N: Would you like a glass of orange juice?

B: Thanks, I’d love one. I like orange juice very much.

O: And I prefer apple juice.

D: All juices are good for health: tomato, apple, apricot and of course pine – apple juice.

F: I like pine – apples best of all.

K: What shall we have?

N: The three – course meal, I suppose.

V: Well, you choose.

L: Let’s start with salad, then chicken soup, fish and chips.

A: I think, I’ll have some pears, fruit, and a cup of tea without sugar.

O: Are you on a slimming diet?

A (actress): Yes, I’m.

F: What does your diet allow you?

A: Well, a little boiled meat or fish, a few hard-boiled eggs, some cheese or milk, a lot of vegetables: lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, very few potatoes, and a lot of fruits. No cakes, no ice-cream, no chocolate and very little salt.

K: I bet, your producer likes only slim actors and actresses.

A: He does indeed. So nothing doing. I have to be on a diet. ^ I don’t live to eat, but I eat to live.

K: Tastes differ, of course.

N: Are you a vegetarian?

V: No, I think none of us is a vegetarian. I must confess, I like good food, an occasional beer, cheerful people, theatres and lively music.

N: Is this your keep-fit program?

V: Yes, it is. My motto is: Eat at pleasure, drink with measure and enjoy life as it is.

L: You are not a fitness fanatic, are you?

V: The advice of our doctor is quite different. Don’t take a taxi, she says, walk to your work each day. Ignore the lift. Climb the stairs. Don’t eat bread and butter. Take two cold showers a day. Do plenty of housework. Stop drinking. Give up smoking. Exercise your memory. Train your body.

L: Your recommendations are very useful, Doctor.

N: Glad you think so.

D: In short: ^ Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

N: You are quite right. I usually get up at 6.30 and do my morning exercises.

B: How many meals a day do you have?

N: I have four meals a day: a light breakfast, lunch, inner – the heaviest meal, and cold supper. As a rule, I don’t eat sweets. They are fattening.

O: What do you think of spicy food?

N: I avoid it, I prefer everything natural.

V: A cigarette?

N: No, thanks.

K: A drop of brandy?

N: I’m off alcohol.

O: Isn’t it boring sometimes to follow these strict rules?

N: They are not strict. If you are in perfectly good health you can work well and have more pleasures of life. Why not form good habits?

L: I agree with you. Health is the greatest wealth.

K: But if you are tired or if you’re worried, what do you do?

N: Come to my lecture on Thursday evening at the Polytechnic Museum and I’ll tell you. It starts at 7.30 p.m.

K: With pleasure.

D: The more we learn, the less we know.


1. - Please, come in.

- Thank you.

- Please, sit down and make yourself at home. Would you like a cup of coffee? (Tea, tea with milk, tea with lemon, juice)

- Yes, please.

(With pleasure.

That would be nice.

Thanks, I’d love one.

I like good tea and nice company.)

2. - Help yourself to cakes (scones, rolls). They are homemade.

- Thank you. Fantastic! (Delicious! Magnificent! What tasty cakes! How tasty the cakes are!)

3. - Will you pass me a teapot, please? (coffeepot) I’ll pour you some more tea.

- Yes, please. (No, thanks. It’s so kind of you.)

- How about some cream?

(sugar, jam, sweets, marmalade, cheese)

- Yes, please. It’s very nice of you. – No, thanks.

4. - It’s late already. We must go. Thank you very much for having us.

- The pleasure was all mine. All the best.

- All the best.

What would you like?

Would you like some breakfast?

Would you like tea or coffee?

At the restaurant

Every man is a builder of a temple called his body.

Eating the proper food is important to stay healthy.

Healthy types of food:

Meat – helps to have a strong and healthy body by providing protein.

Dairy (milk, cheese) – builds our teeth and bones by providing calcium.

Fruits/Vegetables – help us to be healthy, wise by providing vitamin.

Bread/Cereal – gives us energy by providing iron, protein, and vitamin.

Fats/Sugar – fast sources of energy.


1ounce (oz) = 28 grams

1 pound (lb) = 16 ounces = 453 grams

^ Length and Distances

1 inch (in) = 25 millimeters

1 foot (ft) = 30 centimeters

1 yard (yd) = 9 meters

1 mile (mi) = 1, 6 kilometers




That’s a good idea!


Why not? I don’t mind.

A splendid idea!

With pleasure! O.K. All right.

Sure/Of course/Certainly.

Willingly. (охотно)

Agreed. (решено)

No objection at all.

By all means. (обязательно)

I’m with you on that. I’m all for it.

^ Don’t agree

I don’t feel like that.

I’m not in the mood.

I’m afraid I can’t.

That’s a good idea, but I can’t.

I wish I could, but I’ve got a lot of things to do.

Sorry, I’m busy./I haven’t time today.

Under no circumstances.

Not for the world.(Ни за что на свете)

Why on earth! (С какой стати)

I’d rather not. (Что-то не хочется)

^ I understand

I get it

I follow you

I see

I see what you mean

I see what you are trying to say

I know what you mean

I don’t understand

I don’t get it

I don’t follow it. Please, repeat it.

What do you mean?

I don’t get the picture

Explain it all again.

What are you trying to say?

I’d like to say that…

I’ll start by saying that…

To begin with…

It’s questionable that…

My point is…

What I mean to say is…

In conclusion I’d like to say that…

Needless to say (that)…

I’d like to add that…

To cut a long story short…

I’m all for … but…

There is no doubt.

It looks as if you are right.

It looks like it.

Let’s talk it over.

Tell me straight what you think.

On the whole…

More than that…

Summing it up…

Breakfast: juice or fruits, corn-flakes, fried sausages or hard (soft) boiled eggs, ham, milk, tea or coffee.

^ Lunch (12-2): In England – sandwiches; In America – sandwiches or hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chips.

Dinner (6-9 p.m.): starter, first course (eng.)/appetizer(amer.) and main course/entrees.

Cold meat dishes (мясные закуски)

boiled tongue (отварной язык)

meat-jelly and horse-radish sauce (мясной студень с хреном)

Poultry (птица)

roast chicken, duck, goose


crab salad

fish salad

vegetable salad

Russian salad (винегрет)

cabbage soup – щи

fish in jelly – рыба заливная

cold game – холодная дичь

mushrooms - грибы

pork chops – свиные котлеты

dumplings – пельмени

Plates, dishes (посуда)

dinner set - обеденный сервиз

dish – блюдо, тарелка

plate - тарелка

dinner plate – мелкая тарелка

soup-plate – глубокая тарелка

saucer – блюдце

cup- чашка

glass - стакан

goblet - бокал

breаd-plate - хлебница

butter-dish - масленка

sugar-basin - сахарница

water-jug – кувшин для воды

decanter - графин

tea-kettle - чайник

coffee-pot /tea-pot – кофейник/чайник

tray - поднос

fork - вилка

knife - нож

spoon - ложка

tea-spoon – чайная ложка

mustard-pot - горчичница

pepper-box - перечница

salt-cellar - солонка


Here’s to you! Your health! To you! – За ваше здоровье!

Many happy returns of the day! – Желаю много лет жизни.

I’m with you. - Присоединяюсь.

I drink to you, Tom. – За ваше здоровье, Том.

At the hotel

  • Good evening, sir. What can I do for you?

  • Good evening. I have a room reserved at your hotel.

  • What is your name, please?

  • Klimenko.

  • Just a moment, I’ll check. A single room with private bath and English breakfast for three nights. Is that right, sir?

  • Yes, that’s right.

  • Just sign the register… Thank you. Here’s your key. Room three-o-seven, it’s on the third floor. The lift is over there. I’ll have your things sent up.

  • Thank you. What time is breakfast?

  • Any time between 7 and 9.30. Where are you going to have your breakfast, sir? In your room or in the restaurant?

  • I’d rather have it in my room.

  • What time, sir?

  • At 8 o’clock.

  • O.K. Anything else, sir?

  • I’d like to eat here this evening. When is the restaurant closing?

  • At 9.30, so you’ve got two hours to have your dinner, sir.

  • Fine. Thank you.

At a filling station

  • Petrol, sir?

  • Yes. Fill it up. I’m nearly out of petrol.

  • Which grade?

  • Four star.

At a car renal agency

  • I’ll be with you in a minute…Yes, sir. What can I do for you?

  • I want to hire a car.

  • What kind of car do you want, sir?

  • I’d like a small car or a hatchback.

  • How long will you be needing it for?

  • Until Friday.

  • Just a moment. I’ll check… Yes. I’ve got a Chevrolet.

  • How old is it?

  • Pardon? How old… It’s 14 years old. It isn’t very new, but it’s in very good condition.

  • Perhaps not a Chevrolet, then.

  • There are no other small cars available at the moment, sir…How about a Ford Escort. It’s nearly new, it’s only two years old.

  • Fine.

  • May I see your driving license, sir?

  • Yes. Here it is.

  • Just sign the agreement.

  • May read it first?

  • Of course, sir.

  • What shall I do if the car breaks down?

  • I’m sure everything will be O.K., but if something is wrong, just phone this number. We have a 24-hour breakdown service, sir.

  • Shall I pay now?

  • If you don’t mind, sir.

  • Where is the car rental area?

- Go down these stairs to the ground floor. Take the corridor on the right, then go through the door at the end. Turn left, and the car rental area is around the corner. You can’t miss it.

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